About us

Ascension Multimedia Marketing was founded in Evansville, IN. Ascension was founded by Colton Wagner a soon to be graduate from the University of Southern Indiana. Colton started his first company in 2013 that focused on software engineering. That entity is still maintained and continues to produce software for high end clientele.

Our Findings

Over the years we have found that Evansville just doesn’t have the breadth needed for online business’ to succeed. Although most of our clients are typically brick-and-mortar the real aim of Ascension is to improve traffic for e-commerce businesses. Although we aimed for preexisting e-commerce clients we find that we more typically introduce businesses to online sales.

Our Services

Weather you are looking to target an exact product or specific niches we can help you find the traffic. Our SEO services are designed to get more targeted traffic while costing less than google would charge for adword campaigns.

The organic traffic has the highest return on investment but we also help build your PPC campaigns. We do this at cost. We generally only ever run PPC campaigns when there is an existing SEO campaign. There is not profit in providing PPC so we focus on SEO and offer PPC as a secondary product.