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Let’s start with a basic definition of search engine optimization(SEO). The most simplistic explanation is that SEO is getting traffic to your website through search results. Search engines i.e. Bing, Google, Yahoo, and MSN are how consumers find your business. SEO is organically pushing your business to the top of a search engine ranking pages (SERP) for specific keywords.


So what is all the buzz about? It’s about the results for your business. You can target local organic traffic that results in walk-ins and local brick and mortar sales. You could also target global or national keywords to sell a product or drive e-commerce sales. At Ascension Multimedia Marketing we build keyword rankings that will convert into sales for your business.


Our SEO Services

SEO is not a one size fits all service. In fact a lot of what we are so good at is gauging what it is going to take in order to rank you for keywords. Competition in the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERP) dictates how we will achieve results on your behalf.  The pricing model implemented is a hybrid of Google’s very own Adwords pricing.

Although we price very similarly to Google Adwords it is heavily discounted and provides more traffic. Just a point of reference when you are searching on google, bing, or yahoo do you typically use the organic results or the ads? Right, you use the organic results like the majority of other folks. Don’t get us wrong Google Adwords has it’s place but it is not as powerful as organic search traffic.

How it works

We first make sure that you are properly setup on social networks. Social is what get’s your foot in the door. It also provides it’s own streams of traffic if used properly. The traffic is not the primary focus though. To web crawlers and Google’s “awesome sauce” algorithm social media for a business is like wearing a suit to an interview. It just gives you the right look and feel.

After we have verified that your social accounts are setup properly we move on to the architecture of your website. This is diving into how the HTML is formatted and how well you are keeping up with best practices. At this point we would begin making content changes in order to help with google’s appearance of your website.

Lastly we do something very special that will only be discussed when you are taken on as a client. This last step is what makes us so successful. Find out what this last step is by picking up low competition and subsequently cheaper keywords today!

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